House Concerts

I went down to Melbourne on Saturday night to do a solo show, a house party at my mates Helen Begley's house.
It was a blast she looked after us a treat and had an excellent audience for me. I played quite a few of the bands tunes as well as others and on several was supported by the amazing fiddle playing of Silas Palmer wow he is good. Silas also was receptive to the recycled instruments and is keen to give the cigar box fiddle a work out when there paths cross at a show or festival in the future.
So I'm up for and so is the band for any house party ideas you have folks They are a fantasic way for musicians to be paid well and to perform to a receptive audience and they get a close up and personal show.

Please contact me if you are interested in having a house concert I would love to hear from you.

cheers for now Luke.

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