Luke R Davies and the Recycled String Band


Fast becoming festival favorites with their unique recycled instruments, vocal harmonies and relaxed on stage humor, The Recycled String band has left audiences with wide smiles wherever they have performed.


The band travel with a stable of surprisingly innovative instruments fashioned out of all sorts of discarded materials. Amongst the resurrected items you will find hub caps, cigar boxes, toys, tea tins, kitchen utensils and industrial scraps.

While the materials were cheap to acquire, much time and care was invested in the shed to ensure the reinvented instruments are playable, appealing to look at and capable of high quality acoustic sound.  The unusual sounding instruments contribute to the RSB musical style which travels broadly across the blues realm into junkyard roots, and old time country. All the instruments can be played without electricity.


The RSB is led by singer Luke R Davies, adept on several of his homemade creations, he also plays a scorching blues harmonica and is known for his well-crafted, contemporary songs. Luke’s lyrics feature prominently on the RSB band’s debut CD “Not a Note Wasted” which garnered the National Film and Sound Archive Folk Recording Award at the 2013 National Folk Festival.


The other band members are recruited from all walks of life and have sworn to the fixable, recycled and reinvented cause.  They include multi junkyard instrumentalist Chris Mangan, Jack Jensen, Bruce Gregory and Bryan Rolie Dwyer on his recycled percussion extravaganza. Together the RSB manage to combine a timely environmental message with irrepressible and irreverent good humor.



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Luke R Davies

Blues /Folk/ Roots


Based in

Wangaratta Victoria


Performing as Solo, Duo or band line ups.

Including The amazing Recycled String Band